Working remote — best job ever!

Life on the road…a dream for many!

But how do we afford it???

Since I am not a trust-fund baby and I am not of retirement age for a few more years, I needed to have some income to pay for gas, insurance, and food.  Since I started this venture debt-free by purchasing and renovating an older camper, and paying down all other debts, my financial needs are low, but they are NEEDS!  From my research of success stories, I learned they recommend having three lines of income.  So, how to make money on the road….???

The task of funding my travels is solved!

  1. Online Teaching: I have applied, trained, and started working for VIPkids — providing half hour on-line English classes one-on-one to Chinese youngsters.  What a fun class, and so easy from my “mobile classroom”!  I am just now in my first week of classes, spent about $25 buying a small whiteboard and some fun props, and so far am making about $18 an hour, not including bonuses. The minimum required is 7.5 hours per week, and I can open my schedule however I want, different every day or just work 1-2 mornings in a week! I LOVE logging into “my classroom” on my laptop and encouraging adorable little kids to sound out simple words, read, and just plain have fun together!  Being silly and making them laugh is a top priority – what a perfect job!!!
“My classroom” with VIPkids
Teacher Tevis in her orange T-shirt (VIPkid color)

The curriculum is all created – I just follow the powerpoint for the assigned class.  It is simple to do the activities with the kiddo, and there is a short learning objective to accomplish.  VIPkid does a great job of providing a variety of fun learning activities to accomplish the learning objective.  Once I’d done a few lessons I felt completely comfortable with the whole setup.  I open my classroom about 15 minutes before the first class of the day to review the slides and what I should be doing, and then I am ready to have fun and make little kids laugh and learn!

The requirements to apply and all information related to VIPkids can be found at .  Please use my referral code if you want to apply – thanks!

My only difficulty will be making sure I have good wi-fi wherever I am traveling.  I do have a Verizon my-fi ($10 per month) and my phone cellular hotspot –although that uses up my data! I am planning to purchase a booster receiver for campground locations as that will assist me in the reception from the campground wi-fi. So far I am boondocking at my daughters’ home and using their wi-fi.  Thanks, Tara and Morgan!!

The peak times for classes are 4-9 pm Beijing Time.  Since I am in Albuquerque (Mountain Time) at this time, that means 3-7 am for me –pretty much the middle of the night.  There is also 9-noon on Beijing weekend mornings but that doesn’t work for my schedule here so I don’t open my schedule for that time period.  The good thing about working in these early morning hours is that at a campground most people will be asleep and I will have most of the wi-fi bandwidth available — win-win for me!! I can sleep any time, before or after classes, so depending on where I am anywhere in the US, I sign up according to Beijing Time and just set my alarm!

2.  Affiliate Marketing:  While I have included an affiliate link for Amazon (the only company I am willing to represent) here on these blog posts, it takes time to build a following and start getting commissions from affiliate marketing. I do need readers to click through the Audible ad on each post or the ad at the bottom of the post to get to Amazon, then log into their account for whatever they wish to purchase.  So far, I have about 4 cents in commissions, LOL!  Ah well, everything in time!

3.  Ambassador:  I am also an ambassador for RentWizard, letting folks who own RV’s know about the rental site and how it works.  RentWizard is like AirBNB, so anyone can rent an RV, or you can list your RV if you’re an owner and open to possibly renting your RV out.  Since the RV owner sets all the criteria and can accept/reject any offer, it is a safe website to list your RV as a rental and qualify you to use many of your RV costs as tax deductions – even if you don’t actually rent it out that year! Anyone interested in either working as an ambassador and/or listing their RV can log in and use my code:  57C831  – and you get an extra 6 months free!  This has brought in a few commissions for me but is also slow to start being reliable income.  Check it out at !

So, is it worth it?

Keeping costs down, all the hassle with wi-fi, and not having a dependable income yet – is it worth it?  YES, YES, YES!!!  I love the freedom this choice has given me, and the ability to move around as I wish, and all the options of where to stop and for how long! I love knowing I make my own schedule every day and that I can go visit someone at any time without “taking vacation from work.  When I look through the Facebook groups, of which there are quite a few, I see so many others choosing the full-time RV life-style.  I am part of a terrific community!

I’ll be flying back to New York for Christmas in a couple of weeks, and then coming back to Albuquerque for a while.  Have to say, I love the New Mexico sky and mountains and culture — so much to see here!

Albuquerque balloon fiesta
Albuquerque tumbleweed snowman


Happy holidays from NY and NM!


From the bookshelf…

“This country faces more serious problems today than at any time since the Great Depression, and, if you include the planetary crisis of climate change, it may well be that the challenges we face now are more dire than at any time in our modern history.”

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,   Bernie Sanders