Hello, friend!

Today is a new step on the next leg of this journey called LIFE.

Revolutionary changes are underway as I experience freedom:

          Freedom FROM the 9-5 office, the monthly rent/mortgage drain, the same old, same old —

          Freedom TO travel this beautiful nation, set my own schedule, experience any and all open doors —

Home is no longer a “sticks and bricks” home or apartment… but is now an old, dented 1997 Ford conversion van! The renovation is taking place, and slowly but surely the  new “home on wheels” is coming together.

Driver side, 1997 Ford conversion van - ready for renovation
Driver side, 1997 Ford conversion van – ready for renovation

While continuing to work at my regular job (database analyst for a major trauma center/medical college in upstate New York), I am boondocking on my son’s property.

                           Boondocking: the art of living off the grid                                   without electric/water/sewer hookups

By the end of July, the van should be ready for travel, and my first week-long “shakedown” trip will be to Assateague Island, MD, for the annual ROUND-UP OF WILD PONIES!

In September 2016 I will experience the joy – and fear – of becoming technically “unemployed and homeless” as I walk away from a terrific job with wonderful people, and start working remotely from anywhere and everywhere U.S. in my little van.        ????????WHYYYYYYYY????????

Freedom.  Life is too short to not step out to follow your dreams. I love to travel, and so far have camped or at least visited all 48 contiguous states but always on a short timeline.  There is so much more out there to see and experience!  So many family/friends to visit, and more new friends to get to know!

With four adult kids in New York, Virginia, New Mexico, and South Korea, and seven grand-kids at two of those locations, I want to spend REAL TIME with those I love for more than a few days here and there.  I want to make memories as we enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and moments of joy and laughter in between. And when I am ready to go, there is nothing tying me down to a location or a schedule.

Scout - holding some grandbabies
Scout – holding some grandbabies

Does this sound selfish? I ask myself that question.  Yes, and No.  After raising my family, going back to school for a Master’s degree, volunteering, and working full time (often more than one job at a time) for years, I think it is time for me to step out.  Selfish is not a dirty word – it is recognizing what you want/need and making choices.  Following a dream is not selfish, it is fulfilling.

                           WANDERLUST:  A strong desire for or impulse to wander             or travel and explore the world

I have moved approximately every two – three years or so throughout my adult life.  I have lived in several different geographic regions of the United States, and loved them all. I’ve lived in New York City and Chicago, and small towns of less than 1,000 population, in America’s heartland and on a coastal island; in the north and southwest and Great Plains, in suburbs, urban and rural areas.  To me, HOME is what you carry in your heart, not a location.  Everywhere, I make connections and enjoy life. There is good and bad everywhere, and there are great people and not-so-great people everywhere.

In every location, I have to admit, I first find the library.  Books are universal friends, and I read about a book a day (speed reader).  I have my Kindle, and am on several “email for free books list” so I rarely pay for a book.  I love the hard copy books from the library, too, but know that once I am on the road full time I won’t have the residence address to take out books – but hey! I can still sit in any library anywhere and read!  Plus, most libraries have free Wi-Fi and electric plug-ins to charge my phone, Kindle, and laptop.  Definitely will be visiting libraries all over the country – they make me feel safe and happy no matter where I am!

Sitting at a counter at a diner or restaurant can often lead to good conversations when I want to socialize.  Walking the campground I am visiting will often provide a new “friend” to visit.  Opportunities abound to connect – I just have to smile, open my mouth, and care about another person…hey! there’s another friend!  I am, however, an introvert and can go daaaaays without face-to-face conversation with another person.  Facebook and texting keep me connected with family/friends until I see them again.

So, here I sit (at a library, haha) as I prepare to live full time on the road.  Just 5 weeks until the first shakedown trip and then 5 weeks after that, goodbye, farewell, auf weidersein…do I hear Julie Andrews singing?!?

 Hopefully this first post helps you get to know me a bit, and where I am in life.  If you’d like to comment, please feel free to do so.  I will respond, and look forward to meeting you.  By the way, any comment which shows disrespect for anyone will be deleted.  Thanks!

SCOUT – out!

What book are you reading now?

From the bookshelf…

“I told her that, in my opinion, you can sympathize, but that true compassion was not possible unless you had been in that space.  Unless you had had the actual experience of having a loved one, a child, with cancer….All that mental spin, and all those concepts…her idea of what compassion was–it was so trite and childlike.”

–There is a reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer by Michael Lynes, 2015


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Traveler on the road in my little camper van, full time since September 2016. Not all who wander are lost...

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