How low can you go?

NOT The Limbo….

F40 degrees?  F20 degrees?  Below ZERO???

While many northerners like winter camping and have a winterized rig set up with a heater, I chose to not go that route and prepared only for 40-90 degrees weather.  After a childhood in New Hampshire and most of my adult life waaaaay above the Mason-Dixon line, I wanted to keep my winters mild as I travel. However, Mother Nature is fickle and most of the country has experienced some cold weather this year.

Without a heater (separate from the engine heater), my van can get pretty chilly.  I had insulated well when doing the renovation, and have Reflectix for the windows so that helps quite a bit.  Fortunately, I like sleeping in the cold and am able to keep warm under covers.  Here is my secret:

No-sew fleece body-sack “mitten”

Just like a mitten will keep you warm by creating a body-heated air pocket around your hand, this snug-sack will create a body-heated air pocket around your body while you sleep under the covers.

Fleece No-Sew Snug-Sac for RV-ing in the cold
Wearing the Snug-Sac


  1. Purchase a length of fleece a bit longer than your body height.  If you are large-sized, you may want to follow the modifications below for double-sized snug-sack.

2. With fleece folded (as it comes off the bolt), cut a 2-inch fringe along the raw edges at every inch or inch-and-a-half.  DO NOT CUT along the top or bottom – leave these edges open.

Finished Snug-Sac, ready to stay warm tonite!

3. Knot the fringe from both sides together to make a body-sized sack.  Keep the bottom and top open.  The top is for your head cover (hood), if desired, and to get into the snug-sack.  The bottom is so you can stick your feet out and walk around when not in bed.  I also use it like a radiator with my feet sticking out when I get too warm under the covers!!

4. When ready for bed, climb into the snug-sack and pull it up and over your head if you want a hood.  Otherwise, snug it up around your neck and climb under the covers.  Because the snug-sack is all around you, your body heat will warm up the air pocket and keep you toasty!  If the fringe-knots bother you when sleeping, remember to keep that part towards your body front if you’re a back/side sleeper – or towards your back if you’re a belly sleeper.

Pattern for Snug-Sac

Large-size Modification:

  1. Purchase fleece at double the length of your body height.

2. Open fleece to full flat size and then cut to two body height pieces, laying one on top of the other.  (If patterned fleece, have both pieces with pattern inside or both pieces with pattern outside…either one is fine as long as the finished piece will match on both sides.)

3. Cut 2-inch fringe along BOTH sides of both pieces every inch to inch-and-a-half.  Knot both pieces together along the two sides.  Keep top and bottom open.  Continue as above.

Pattern for LARGE Snug-Sac

When I wake up and it is especially chilly, I walk around in my snug-sack as I get warmed up in the morning!  Then I fold it and stow it away with my pillow in the quilted pillow sham on my bed.  (The other pillow sham stores sweatshirts/hoodies and extra towels.)

Snug-Sac folded into pillow sham for the day

Speaking of getting warmed up in the morning, here is my morning walk while here in Albuquerque.  I have a beautiful mountain vista for most of the walk:

Walking the Tramway path, Sandia foothills

Hope everyone has had a great January, wherever you are!

—Scout, out!

From the Bookshelf:

“Clark looked at the Indian.  Light-haired, slightly built, poorly dressed, unprepossessing.  But he commanded the space in the middle of this dance ground, a master.  He commanded the crowd, a master.  Christ, he must know a hundred Indians at this place would shoot him in an instant. Evidently, they had just been shooting at each other.  But the man rose up and dared them, and from the force of his spirit and the fear of retribution, they dared not.  Remarkable, and just like him.  As commander of the scouts Clark was supposed to be the leader of most of these men.  He felt envious of their real commander, Crazy Horse.”

–from Stone Song, a novel of the life of Crazy Horse, by Win Blevins, 2016


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